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Chapter 5  is  Alive!

​Performing Arts Competition

Our 2nd Performing Arts Competition will be held:

April 10-11, 2021

Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center

90 Hayward Street

Franklin, MA 02038


Studio Block Scheduling

Each studio will be assigned a block of time for all their routines to compete. Studios will not be mixed in with other studios.

Performing Arts Competition Schedule (times subject to change)
Saturday, April 10, 2021:   2:00pm - 9:00pm
Sunday, April 11, 2021:   8:30am - 8:00pm

​​​Entry Fees should be sent to:
Shawn Terenzi
DMNE Treasurer
9A Baltimore Street
​Haverhill, MA 01830​

For more information, DMNE members may contact: 

Shawn Terenzi  -  978-273-4096  -  info@stadstudio.com

​Please note: We do not accept calls from parents or students.

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