Chapter 5  is  Alive!


Applicants must pass the examination with a grade of 75% or higher in:

  • One subject of dance that the applicant teaches, if the applicant teaches only one subject. At some future date, should the applicant add additional subjects to those he or she teaches, an examination in that one additional subject will be required to maintain membership if there was only one original exam subject.
  • Two subjects of dance if the applicant teaches more than one subject.


  • Applicants who have passed the Cecchetti Teacher’s Elementary Examination (formerly known as Grade V) or the Royal Academy Elementary Examination, shall not be required to take the DMA Ballet Examination.
  • Applicants who have passed the DMA Teachers Training School examination may become members without further examination in those subjects of dance.

In the New England Chapter, examinations are administered when applicants are ready. The applicant must take exams within 1 month of submitting application. Once your application has been processed, you will be notified of exam dates, times and locations. Exams are by appointment only. Each applicant should come prepared with dance attire and appropriate shoes for the subject being taken. You will be provided with a pass/fail grade on the day of the exam. We also offer study forums to assist you in preparing for your exams. These are very beneficial and are strongly recommended.

Once you have taken your examination(s), you will be “installed” into the organization at the next meeting of the Grand Body. At this point you will enjoy all the benefits of membership.

Dance Masters

of New England